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Captivating trances of African Electro

Zar Electrik pays homage to tribal cultures, particularly through the incorporation of the ancient Zar ritual originating from Ethiopia and Egypt. This ritual serves as a conduit for healing, achieved through trance and connection with the spirit world. Zar Electrik transports us into their unique universe, where the reigning forces are trance and dance. Their music resonates within our beings; the electronic layers resembling mantras, and the voices akin to invocations. The overall experience mirrors a tribal rite, guiding us towards an altered state of consciousness. The music of Zar Electrik is best encountered on the dancefloor, facilitating a transformative and cathartic ritual trance.

Zar Electrik’s music knows no codes or borders. This is the meeting of three friends from Marseilles: There’s Anass Zine, with his mesmerising North African- influenced voice and a range of traditional instruments (gumbri, oud...), and Arthur Péneau, with his deep voice, adding hybrid African influences thanks to his kora, which he mystifies with electric effects. The connection with Miosine (Didier Simione) is a real highlight. He is the last member of the trio, adding his knowledge and mastery of machines, synthesizers, and electronic music codes.

The result is simply spectacular. Their music is rich and vibrant, a transcending journey between the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the West.

Zar Electrik already performed at renomated festivals , such as Sziget Festival (Budapest), Fiesta Des Suds (Marseille=, Mundial Montreal (Canada), Mama Paris, Cabaret Sauvage Paris.They are showcasing this year at Babel Med in Marseille

    Awards and distinctions
  • 2021: South Orizon Award winner - PACA Regional Award
  • 2022:Laureate of the "Prix des Musiques d'Ici" - National Distinction

    Group Size: 3 Artists + 1 technician (at times 1 tour manager)
  • Anass Zine: vocals, guitar, oud, gumbri, percussions
  • Arthur Peneau: voice, kora, percussion
  • Didier Simione: Sound Machines, synthesizers

  • Sound engineer:
  • Kevin Cheylan or Lamine Madani


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